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Police Tax Equity

Prior to 1992, Matthews and the other towns paid to the county, as part of their budget, an amount for “Police Services.”  When Mecklenburg County got out of the “police services business,” the tax rate was not adjusted, thus there ended up being monies left in the county budget which did not pay for police services.  Mayor Myers became an active member of the “Police Stakeholders” committee, which reviewed several options for police services. One option which was vigorously opposed by Mayor Myers was the consolidation of all police services under the City of Charlotte.  This option did not move very far. 

As a result of numerous and intense discussions and negotiations, it was ultimately decided that 6.5 cents on the county tax rate was the portion attributable to the “Police Services” component.  For the year 1992-1993, the Town of Matthews realized $252,612.00 more in revenue as a result of the contract with the county.

Mayor Myers sought to do away with the contract in 1997 and not have “strings” attached to Mecklenburg County or run the risk that subsequent county commissions could decide to end the contract.  Thus, through a series of tax increases and decreases to the county residence, the Town of Matthews ended up with the equivalent of 3 cents on the tax rate being set aside as “Police Tax Equity”.   In 2007, this 3 cents equals approximately $846,000.00 additional funds for the Matthews town budget on an annual basis.

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