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Statements of Support & Mayor Myers Quotes

"Mayor Myers has been an active partner for our seniors during all of his years in office as Mayor and Town Council. Without Mayor Myers leadership, the seniors in Matthews would not be where they are today. With Mayor Myers assistance and constant dedication, the Levine Senior Center is a reality."
Iris DeVore

"Lee has been our leader in getting schools built in Matthews and developing a pupil assignment plan to allow all of our children to go to school close to home. Lee has established relationships and partnerships with Dr. Pete Gorman and CMS Administrators".
Kay Walter, Parent and Resident

"Vision, direction and energy are some of the qualities that we have seen in Lee Myers, as we served with him as members of the Matthews Town Council. As our Mayor, Lee has been an energetic and dynamic advocate for all citizens and residents of Matthews. We are proud of our service with Mayor Myers and stand with him for the future of our community."
Martha Krauss, Karina Glass

"As a resident and small business owner, I know Lee Myers is the person to lead Matthews in the future."
Grady Cole, Resident and Business Owner

"We are impressed with the passion and dedication demonstrated by Mayor Myers for the Town of Matthews."
Sen. Robert Pittenger, Sen. Eddie Goodall , Rep Tricia Cotham, Former Sen. Bob Rucho

"I have known Lee Myers for many years and have served as a member of the Town Council for the past 14 years with Lee as Mayor. I have watched Lee Myers' advocacies, emotion, love and dedication for the Town of Matthews produce so many great results for our citizens they cannot be listed. As I leave the Matthews Town Council, I wholeheartedly support and endorse the re-election of Lee Myers, Mayor of the Town of Matthews."
Paul Bailey, Town Commissioner

"Having served on Town Council with Mayor Myers for 6 years, I can without hesitation tell you about his endless energy and his many hours of dedicated service each and every week for the Town of Matthews. He is the best Mayor Matthews has ever had and is the Mayor we need for the future."
George Fossett, Former Town Commissioner

"I have lived in Matthews for more than 65 years and I like what I see Lee Myers doing as Mayor. I want us to continue under Mayor Myers direction - go Lee!"
Tommy Rogers, Past Chief Idlewild VFD

Mayor Myers comments...

On Crime and Public Safety

"Citizens of Matthews must know that they are safe and secure at home, school and work. Criminals will not do business in our town."

On Education

"Our schools must focus on education with community involvement."

On Government and Taxes

"Government needs to be strong and innovative, but demand high return for every dollar."

Quality of Life

"Matthews is your town. Let us continue on the path to keep it the best."

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